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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Tomorrow we will find out from the judge when our court date will be.  Please pray for a swift and smooth process!! 

Here are some videos as requested by grandparents.  These are old as Mommy and Daddy forgot to charge the video camera!!:( 

For the record, this is me dancing...not a pretty sight.  But, I just thought a perfect title for this video could be "babes in blue".  Even Barbie was dressed in blue:)

This day Mama wasn't feeling well and Inna wasn't either.  This is her version of saying, "flower" while putting stickers in her book.  Flowers are one of her favorite things and I can't wait to put a big bouquet of them in her new room!!! 

Here are a few pictures of things that are different in Ukraine than America.  Everything would be much easier if we could read Russian!  One thing that is NOT pictured is the lettuce Todd bought...however, it was cabbage.  That, however, could have been identified if he would have asked his wife:)

Here is our washing machine...it gets the job done!

This is where you put in the clothes.  It will hold two pairs of jeans and about four shirts per load.

We saw this ambulance on our walk from the orphanage to a local mall. 

This is a picture of a military cemetary on our walk from the orphanage.  We have noticed it is custom for families to pack a lunch and eat at tables in front of their loved ones' grave.  They also drink to their lives and recall memories.  This happened on Easter Sunday and on Labor Day Sunday.

Mooo!  We felt right at home next to this bull:)

Someone made a home for this little guy.  Obi and Indy...I'm coming home soon and you will get lots of treats from Mama, Daddy, and Inna!!! 

Todd has a strange curiosity for anything different.  Here is one example.  They have apple scented toilet paper and he bought some.  The bathroom smells like apples...most of the time:)

I miss skim milk.  The lowest fat content in milk here is 2.5%...but I found this 1% milk and I was thrilled!  I poured a nice, cold glass for myself and found out it WAS NOT MILK!  It was sour milk...yes, it is common in Ukraine to drink fermented milk!  Sorry Inna, no sour milk in America.  Needless to say, I brushed my teeth over and over and over again!

Mmmmmm, strawberry-kiwi yogurt!  I was so excited to have this for breakfast.  When I opened it up it was covered in chocolate.  Ok, I didn't really notice that on the container but whatever.  I mixed it and took a big old bite only to realize there were chunks of something in it.  Oksana told me it was yorgurt mixed with cheese curds.  Oh dear, I need to take her shopping with me!  Todd ate the "dessert yogurt" and didn't mind. 

These are the first set of keys to the apartment.  At this apartment, we actually have 3 keys and we feel pretty safe.  To get into the gate of the apartment complex, we have a numbered code.  Then, we use the magnetic key to get into the front door.  Then, we have one key to open the door into our apartment alcove, a key for the dead bolt that you must turn twice, then a third key for the lock that you must turn four times.  Not a great situation when you're in a hurry, but it keeps bad guys out and keeps us locked in!

This is Inna's vile of blood they took (by the way, everything came back negative:)  She is in a medical orphanage, so they took her blood on-site.  We drove the vile of blood, carried in a water bottle to a local hospital.  The orphanage wanted the water bottle and the empty vile back.  Not something you see everyday.

SQUIRREL!!  His ears are sticking straight up!  Cute thing:)

"Tualety"...ALWAYS remember to carry your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer...and never wear sandals. 

One thing Ukraine has for the moment that America does not is Inna!!  For that, we will stay until she is officially ours:)


  1. I love seeing all of the different things. Not sure about apple toilet tissue... eew? If Inna likes the sour milk, lots of southerners like buttermilk - also sour tasting (if you need something for transition).
    She's gorgeous. We're praying for everything to go smoothly - and quickly!

  2. Hi guys - for the record, we haven't seen any "squatty potties" here yet! We have seen Kefir (that's what you bought, very big at Whole Foods in the States - you were just being Coloradans!), but haven't bought any here. We have been going through lots of the drinkable yogurt.

    Your washer looks just like the one at our new apartment, so I'm glad to know how much clothing I should try to stuff in :)

    We'll keep praying for your court date and that everything goes smoothly for you!

    -Drew and Kara

  3. p.s. Sorry for not signing my previous comment. It asks for my web address and I thought my name showed up too.
    Still praying!
    Jen Quon