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Monday, May 30, 2011

Update and prayers needed

I talked with Todd and Landon today and they made it safely to Kiev.  They are currently taking a train to meet Inna in the morning:) 

After talking with Todd, we are asking for your prayers.  Natalia and Oksana are not very optimistic about the passport process taking less than 7 days.  This has been so hard for me to swallow, and I know it will be difficult for Todd and Landon.  Please pray that the paperwork can be completed in the "fast" 3 days so my hubby, nephew, and daughter can come home!! 

Also, please pray for Inna.  The transition can be hard on and often children become sick due to the high level of anxiety.  Because the passport process could take a long time, it has been advised that we keep her in the orphanage until the paperwork is complete to lessen the anxiety. 

Hope to have pictures and videos of little Inna soon!!!

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  1. It took such a great deal of faith for you to come home. I can't even imagine how difficult it was. Now I know the Lord will have grace for you 'til your family can be with you again.
    I'm praying for their quick and safe return. And for your strength and comfort.
    Jen Quon