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Monday, May 23, 2011

Back in the USA

Well, Todd and I are back in Kansas and it has been busy!  Family visits, a doctor appointment, a vet appointment, many loads of laundry, and some Inna shopping!  I've even managed to get a few hours of sleep but I haven't quite caught up yet.

We arrived and my niece, Jade, picked us up from the airport.  What a HUGE blessing she is...I came home to a clean house, clean sheets, and clean towels!  She also moved all the furniture out of Inna's room that I have been storing for a friend, which I was dreading!!  AND, she put together our white, twin bed, moved in our twin mattress from the "boy room", and printed a beautiful picture of our Inna and framed it in her room!!!  I love you Jade!!!  Thank you so much!  Plus, she had two dresses and some pink jellies in her closet waiting for her:)

Then we did some Inna shopping and purchased some things for her room.  Thanks to my mom, sister, and Jade, the room is nearly complete!  We completed some touch-up painting, cleaned out her jam-packed closet, and Todd fixed her chair-rail.  I used my "scrapbooking skills" to complete her name frames to match her bedding too, which was fun:) 

Once Jade left, my good friend Deb came by with a carload of goodies for my Inna...and me!  Two beautiful carseats, two extendable baby gates, some room decorations, and a little table for her!  Yeah!!  So, now I just need some furniture.

My mom and dad are came on Saturday and I couldn't wait to give them both HUGE hugs when I saw them!  Sunday was a fun day at church where we were greeted by all our praying friends!!  So many hugs and hugs and more hugs!  Such a needed welcome home party:)  Then, we traveled to St. Joseph to see Todd's parents for some yummy Mexican food! 

This is a very busy week but today I just layed around...literally.  I hung out on the couch with my dogs while my wonderful husband headed off to work.  I enjoyed every bit of being lazy.  It's only 7:22pm and my PJs are on and I'm heading to bed.  I'm still not feeling well and I think it mostly stems from not sleeping so I'm off to catch up! 

Inna is just waking up from a nap and getting ready for her snack of cookies and sour milk.  I bet she is loving her sweet treats...but momma and daddy are going to bring lots of bananas for her!!
I hope to post pictures of  her half completed room soon!


  1. Alicia- I am just so happy for you, Todd, and little Inna! Are you planning on having a baby shower or anything? I would love to get something for you, and hopefully come by after she's home and you all feel a little settled.

  2. Alicia - Michael was so thrilled that you stopped by class yesterday. It was the first thing he said when he got home. He teared up over his happiness/sadness. We'll be praying for you as you return to get your Inna and I hope you'll continue this blog as we won't get the regular updates (unless you decide to teach 5th grade... hint hint).
    God bless you and Todd.
    Jen Quon