What time is it in Ukraine?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Up and running again:)

I know it's been a while since my last post...two months actually!  A lot has happened in our lives but I'll just stick to the basics:) 

It's a BOY!  We found out September 1st that we were going to have a "little man"!  It's funny... during the time we got pregnant, we were fighting hard to bring home two little ones from Ukraine...Inna and a little boy.  God knew all along we were going to bring back a little boy in Momma's tummy:) 

I'm a country music fan and I really, really like Brad Paisley.  Here is one of his songs called, "Anything Like Me".  It describes the time he found out he was having a little boy.  I think about Todd in this song and how our son will be like Todd.  Here are 25 characteristics (marking the number of weeks I'm at:) that our little "peanut" will have if he's anything like my wonderful hubby:

1.  a prankster and will torment his sister
2.  huge Star Wars fan
3.  will dress up like Indiana Jones every Halloween
4.  play-in-the-mud football player
5.  love Jesus
6.  drive his car too fast but will always wear his seatbelt
7.  hard worker and a gentleman
8.  creative and "out of the box" thinker
9.  quiet--I'll have to ask his teacher everything that happens at school
10. sensitive and caring
11. good with numbers
12. creative and artistic
13. competitive and will not like to lose
14. night owl
15. incredible pumpkin carver
16. precise about the lines when he mows
17. stay out all day on his bike and make his mother worry
18. will be able to play with action figures for hours by himself
19. will sing in the shower like no one is listening
20. be a die-hard Royals and Chiefs fan no matter how terrible they are
21. will know when he meets the love of his life
22. get excited about Christmas every year
23. want to build furniture and toys with all his Daddy's tools
24. will love his grandparents like crazy
25. want a dog so bad that Mom and Dad will give in when he shows us his little dimples...just like Daddy:)

Inna had an exciting weekend as well.  She got tubes in her ears on Friday and she's a ROCK STAR!!  God has blessed us so richly with our little Inna.  She is incredible and amazes me every day.  Here are some pictures of how darn cute she is!:)

Inna in her yellow socks and hospital gown...happy as a clam!

The waiting room had a car like we have at home.  Inna took my keys and glasses and rode off.  I couldn't get a shot of her with my glasses on:(
Still happy and not thinking about not getting breakfast this morning.

The nurses brought in pictures, sample smells of the anesthesia, and this mask to help Inna get prepared for her surgery.  She had a fun time with this!
Inna in her monkey jammies on our way to the hospital!