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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

 I love this song...I've listened to it so many times over the past several months regarding this adoption journey.  "Where You Go, I'll go" was something that really spoke to me when we approached coming to Ukraine.  Now the second line, "Where You stay, I'll stay" is more meaningful to me now that we're here...especially since we are staying longer than expected!!:)  ha 
Over the past few days Todd and I have not been feeling well and it hit me hard yesterday.  Sore throat, ear aches, fatigue, and I think I had a slight fever.  We decided to skip our morning visit to sleep.   It was hard not to see Inna, but she has been VERY excited to see us:) 
This morning we played and played.  We stayed the normal 2 hours but she wanted to keep playing.  As we led her to her room, Inna ran back to us and gave us both a giant hug!  As she walked back into her classroom, she turned around and walked back twice to give me a hug :):)  She just held on to me and stared me in the eyes...best moment ever!  What a perfect Mother's Day gift!!!!  Plus, I got my first macaroni necklace...you can see me wearing it in the picture below! 
First Mother's Day necklace:)

Me and my girl!

Here is a video of Inna making the necklaces.  She really likes this:)  Mimi and Granny...you will get one when we get home too!!

Thank you for all the mother's day wishes...each one is special to me and reminds me just how incredible God is!  I have wonderful family, friends, co-workers, LFE families, and people in my life.  Hugs to each of you and enjoy this day!!!  Love you!

This afternoon visit was very different.  It started out the same, but Inna got her first boo-boo.  Todd pulled off a hang-nail and boy, she DID NOT like this!!:(  Here are the tears...and the boo-boo after medicine was put on by her favorite caregiver.  We couldn't get a good picture of the hang-nail.  Todd said he now understands the saying, "This will hurt me more than it hurts you"  :(  Daddy feels very bad about hurting his little Inna!!:(



  1. Happy Mother's Day! Alicia, I love the first photo, she looks just like you!

    We hope you guys are feeling better soon. I was under the weather this week - our translator got me some "pharmacitron" which is like Ukrainian theraflu and seems to work really well (if you don't have any American cold medication with you).

    -Kara (and Drew)

  2. :) The miracle green stuff! Alex had it on his ears when we met him.

    Happy first Mother's Day, my friend. You will so treasure these memories in the years to come.

    - Love ya, Rita

  3. Happy Mother's Day!!! Enjoy the gift you have been given--Time. Time to bond with your daughter with NO DISTRACTIONS...what a treasure indeed.

  4. Alicia! I have been eagerly awaiting your Mother's Day post. Yes, God has gifted you with extra time with sweet Inna. We just oooo and ahhh over her pictures.

    Lauren and I are singing along with Chris Tomlin, what a perfect song for life's journey. Happy First Mother's Day to you!