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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Elite 8 have been decided - Check out the upsets!

Go to the link below.  Only 8 names remain.  How is your bracket doing?  Be sure to keep them because Alicia wants them for Bo Peep's baby book...weird but she wants them:)

This is her bag of toys we have given her.  She won't let them out of her sight!  We recently purchased her a butterfly backpack for them...she is adorable! 


  1. Sweetie! Just think those toys are the first items she has ever owned; ever been able to call her own. The past so sad, the future so bright! Praying God continues to work on all your hearts as you all transition to a family of 3!

  2. in reference to the picture: Hanusha (sp?)- lol

  3. SO excited for you! Thanks for the link and we will continue to follow God's amazing story for you both and your little "bo peep"... Her temp name reminds me that we are all just lost sheep, aren't we? We need the Shepherd to guide us. I will pray that He is very near to you all. Love, the Platters

  4. I do not understand how to play the name game but if it helps any I vote for Hannah. I think she would make a really cute Hannah. LOL!!
    Do you already have Middle name for her?

    She is really cute and I wish you best of luck.