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Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the Road Again...

Well, Todd is leaving Sunday morning to pick up our little Inna!  A slight change of plans happened this week, as it seems plans are often changing in our lives.  I have been pretty sick and the thought of a long plane, train, and bus ride makes my stomach stir even more.  Therefore, Todd will be traveling without his wife...and without Inna's momma:( 

Please pray for safe travels, that Inna bonds strongly to Daddy, and that Momma can rest peacefully knowing full-well that God is in control of this journey.  The tears are coming full-force as I type this, but I know that it is what is best for our family...especially for both Inna and Todd.  A sick person on a journey that long is no easy task for anyone.

So, all the blog updates will be from Todd's point of view!  Also, my nephew, Landon, will be going and he is thrilled he is the first family member other than us to meet Inna!!  I will be hanging onto every word as each of you do as we follow their adventure through this blog!  Both Todd and Landon are HUGE Indiana Jones fans (we are watching Raiders of the Lost Ark as we pack and type) so this is certainly an adventure he is excited to embark upon!

Thank you for your continued prayers as we finish this leg of our journey and bring Inna Anastasia home!!

Below are pictures of some sites we saw while walking along the Dneipr River, a large river that runs through Ukraine.

This is the Circus building.  It's always advertisting a circus, but we have yet to see any activity.

We drive over this river twice a day and have a view of this fountain too!

We packed sandwiches and ate near these fountains. 

There were cute restaurants and pubs along the river and we thought this one looked fun.

A family put up a hammock for the beautiful day!

A fun fountain we saw near a wedding party taking pictures.

I LOVE this video...Inna is playing hide-n-seek with Daddy behind a giant mushroom in the playground:)  I can't wait to get my hands on this giggly, little girl of mine!!!  Soon...soon...soon!!!:)


  1. We'll be praying for you! Praying you are surrounded by God's loving peace, comfort and protection for all of you! She'll be home soon! Praise be to HIM!

    Look and see, for everyone is coming home! Your sons are coming from distant lands, your little daughters will be carried home. Your eyes will shine, your hearts will thrill with joy. - Isaiah 60:4-5a NLT

  2. So sorry to hear you are sick and missing the trip to go pick up Inna. I am sure it is so hard, but you will see her in no time! Call when you are ready to do something. I know it will be crazy at the beginning with family!