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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

News about the court date...

I read this verse in my quiet time this morning...don't let your hearts be troubled.  It was a hard day, but I know there is a purpose.
“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.” John 14:1

The judge we were originally assigned to declined our case and it was re-assigned to the judge that has a good reputation.  However, she is on vacation until May 11th.  It is possible we could have a court date scheduled for May 12th, however, it looks more like May 16th or 17th.  After that is the 10 day waiting period, then the 4-6 day passport and Visa paperwork.  Then, the two day flight home...  The GOOD news is that it is likely the paperwork and filing will be done accurately and without appeal with this judge. 

This stay has already felt longer then it actually has been.  I'm not even sure why being away from home is so hard on our bodies.  We are feeling fatigued and emotionally drained.  It kinda hit me today...especially since it's likely I will not get to say good-bye to my 4th grade class.  I know people keep telling me "it's just a job", but to me it's relationships.  I get to be one more person in the lives of these little people who believe in them and encourage them.  I just wanted to give them one last hug before the summer started and let them meet Bo Peep.  They have been the most awesome group of students who love others and who brightened my days. 

Another upset was the reality of the situation we see each day.  This week we met a family from Texas who is adopting three special needs kids.  PLUS, they have a 14mo. old, a 4 year old, and an 8 year old at home.  The mom came up to me and told me her friend adopted a child not too long ago and has been praying that Bo Peep would be adopted.  She was thrilled we were her parents!  Today they were taking their children home from the orphanage.  We watched them as their translator helped pass out gifts and as they said their good-byes to all they have ever known:  the people, the sounds, their caregivers, the smells, their whole world.  I was holding Bo Peep and was overcome with emotion.  I just couldn't watch it anymore!  All these beautiful faces and souls wondering why they wouldn't be going home with a mommy or daddy.  Some of the workers say, "If you're good, maybe your mommy and daddy will come for you too".  My heart just aches for these precious children...please pray for them.  I want so badly to come home, but for these kids, this is home. 

 After a morning of reflecting, trying to make some decisions about the next several weeks, and praying, I've come to realize that this is just a small piece of a giant puzzle.  It WILL be OK and God is still in control even though I want things to move at a different pace.  I still get to see Bo Peep twice a day...PLUS we decided to help ease the pain of this blow and go shopping!  We bought her "coming home" dress, a pair of shoes, tights, and a cute little hat!  She is almost set to leave the orphanage...I just need to find a hair bow:)  Also, I told her today we would get her sunglasses...I found a cheaper pair at the mall that I will get this week. 
Mommy and daughter fixing hair:)

This is the new hat we bought....not for summer but so darn cute!  She likes to "boing" the tassels!!:) 

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  1. I can not imagine how hard it must be! Over and over I tell AJ how I would have to fight guilt for not taking every child there just because they need a home. I understand wanting to take your precious girl & get home! Let her meet people and get started on your life. Get away from the having to see the faces you can't take, and feeling you somehow have to explain they are precious too don't give up! I cried at the end of the year when my kids moved on. It is tough losing those little faces that have been so much a part of your life. Those you've agonized over, prayed over, and tried to stretch. Can you make a video and send it to a fellow teacher to play for your kiddos with Bo Peep in it? Or maybe post it here or on facebook and a teacher could just play it for them on a smart board or something. Hang in there! God is faithful! He brought Little Miss Bo Peep into your lives! He will carry you through this, and the longer you are there the more you can truly understand what Bo Peep's life has been for 3 yrs. Maybe this will better prepare you to help her deal with culture shock & everything back home. We love you all & are praying for you!!