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Monday, May 2, 2011

Good fortune...

...cookies!  The weekend before we traveled to Ukraine, Todd and I had some of our "lasts" for a while:)  We had our last date, our last dinner out alone, and our last movie together.  For dinner we went to Pei Wei and here are our fortunes from our fortune cookies.  Mine is the first one, Todd's is the second:

I decided to bring them along on the rare and most unlikely occassion that we would adopt a girl.  ha  We assumed I got the "mouth" fortune because I talk so much!:) 
In any case, I thought it was pretty funny and appropriate to share;)

A second "Little Bo"??
Many of you have asked so let me explain...
After meeting "Bo Peep" we quickly decided to proceed with the adoption.  Then, we inquired about boys available in our region so we could continue to visit her while we waited on the paperwork.  Only one boy at the time was available at the same orphanage.  I actually sent his picture to our facilitator after the Sasha and Sam visit to try to meet with him so I already knew a little about his diagnosis. 
It turns out he was born with only one kidney and that kidney is indeed "crumpled".  He will likely need a transplant immediately and it's possible he could be on dialysis and have a catheter for the remainder of his life.  Sigh...oh the tears I cried on the way to the orphanage as we had to make a decision that morning.  Could we handle both children and their medical needs financially, emotionally, and adequately for both of them? 
1.  put him on a waiting list for a kidney once in the U.S.
2.  check our blood types and see if we are candidates to give him our kidney
3.  don't adopt him and focus on Bo Peep
4.  adopt him and give him the best life we can

During our discussion, our coordinator came and suggested we decline meeting him and adopt only one special needs child.  She explained very rarely do they ever recommend adopting two children with great needs, especially to a family who does not have children yet.  He was also very delayed developmentally and would need a lot of therapy.

Todd was the voice of reason here because I was broken up.  We decided to follow her advice.  I would LOVE to bring home a brother and a sister, but with the upcoming surgeries and therapy "Bo Peep" will need, it's probably not in the best interest of her or our family:(

Technically, we still have one SDA visit and referral we could pursue back in Kyiv.  However, time and money are factors, therefore we have decided to come home as a family of three! 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support from home...we are praying for good news to share on Wednesday!!:) 
Even "Bo Peep" can't wait to get to Kansas...there's no place like home:)
Notice her ruby red slippers!?

We bought her a little backpack for some of her toys!

She ate tons of bubbles but she didn't seem to mind!