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Friday, June 3, 2011

Ukraine blues

There is nothing exciting to report today.  We visited Inna twice and she is warming up to Landon.  She is able to associate his picture with him now and tries to say his name.  We've been working on getting a picture of the two together, but every time the opportunity presents itself my camera is nowhere to be found!  She does get a bit sad when we play hide and seek.  I think she expects Mommy to jump out from behind a tree.  The great thing about 3 year olds is that if you distract them it is pretty easy to get them thinking about something else.  We are now just waiting for the passport.  Once we get it, we will take Inna with us to Kiev and set up an appointment at the embassy.  If you are praying for us, please pray that the passport is ready no later than Monday.  Otherwise, we will have to push back our return date one day for every day longer the passport takes.

Since being here our apartment has been without gas for a day (no stove or hot water), then we lost power the other night for a while (no air conditioning in the bedroom), then today they shut the water off for the day (no...  lets just say we take extra walks to McDonalds).  The only real grocery store within walking distance of us (at least the only one that sold diet coke) has been closed for remodeling.  Every other building within 2 kilometers is decaying, but the very nice grocery store needed some sprucing up I guess.  At least I have good company with me.  If I had come on a trip like this during my summer vacation when I was 11 I would not have been as good natured as Landon!

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