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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A few of Mommy's "firsts":)

Todd posted about some of his firsts while he was in Ukraine so I thought I'd share a few of Mommy's "firsts"!  It's late so it won't be very creative:)

1.  Mommy was able to leave for the first time today during Inna's naps and she slept 3 long hours!  I missed her after a while...
2.  Inna's first fever at home...100.7 degrees over a period of 2 days.
3.  Inna's first doctor visit where her fever was a whopping 98.8 degrees!!!  I felt so stupid...
4.  Inna's first AND second car ride WITHOUT CRYING!  It was fabulous:)
5.  Inna has responded to MANY English commands, questions, and sentences from Mommy such as:
***  How big is Inna?  (raises her arms and Mommy tickles her:)
***Can Inna close the front door?  And she did!
***Inna, get your shoes and put them on.  She opened the drawer, found her favorites, and put them on...with Mommy's help:)
***Give Mama a kiss...and she does!  This of course is my favorite:):):):)
6.  Mommy saw Inna play dress-up in Mommy's closet.  She LOVES heels and jewelry!  She also loves looking at herself in the mirror with all her bling!:)
7.  I'm training the dogs with a "clicker" and hand motions.  I give a verbal and hand command, click the "clicker", then give them a treat.  One command is to "watch me" and she saw me do this several times yesterday.  Today, I told Inna to "watch me" andd she verbalized the words AND did the hand motion!!  Is she a smart girl or what?!?!

There are many more but my brain is tired.  I REALLY need to start journaling!  If anyone knows of a good baby book, please send me the link!  I want to start her baby book ASAP:)

PS--3rd night in a row of sleeping in her bed alone!  I'm so proud of her:):) 

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