What time is it in Ukraine?


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

They're coming to America...TODAY!

I just woke Todd up at 2am Ukraine time for their early flight!  They will arrive tomorrow night around 6:30pm and we'll reunite as a family!!!  This is it...our little Inna is coming home!  We are very excited, yet there are many unknowns.  We have never done this before but we have a plan and what we feel is best for our daughter and our family.  We've been waiting so long to hold our baby girl in our arms at our home to begin the attachment process. 
While we are preparing a place for Inna in our home and hearts, Inna has not even thought of leaving her orphanage. She is happy and content in the loving arms of her caregivers but in just a few short hours, Inna will be experiencing the loss of everything she has ever known.  We anticipate that this will be a very difficult time for our little girl.  We ask that you keep Inna in your prayers.
We have been so blessed by this gift. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can for Inna to feel secure. It is important to remember, she's lost her birth-mother, the nurses and staff at the hospital before and after her surgery, and now will be losing her caregivers and friends at the orphanage where she has been for 3 years.  She will be grieving the loss of her environment, caregivers, friends, language, sounds, smells, and familiar foods, etc. This usually lasts for at least a few weeks, but grieving episodes could occur for months after her arrival. Grieving episodes are intensified by over stimulation, so we need to keep her world quiet and small for her first weeks with us as she begins to bond with her forever mommy and daddy.  We know many of you have bonded with her just as we have through her pictures and videos!  So many of you have prayed daily for her and we do not underestimate the bond or love you feel for her as well!  We hope you understand our need for this special time with our baby girl.
I hope to post more pictures and videos later this week so you can see little Inna with her whole family!!:):)  YIPPEE!!


  1. Alicia,
    Well said. Please don't hestitate to contact us for ANY reason. This is your guys' dream come true! Enjoy every second of it! :o) PRAISE BE TO OUR GOD!

  2. I was just going to say, "well said." It looks like Courtney beat me to it! What a special time for you all. I will be praying for all of you and this transition time.

    Love you guys!

  3. Todd and Alicia,

    David and I have been so blessed following your journey as a family. We definitely feel a special bond with Inna. Tomorrow is going to be so special. We will keep you both and Inna in our prayers. I have literally checked your blog daily, getting excited about updates and pictures, but what a special thing that the journey is finally coming home! Please don't hesitate to call us for anything at all.