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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally...some pictures!!

Here are some pictures of Inna in Ukraine and in the USA!

The day after we left for the 10 day waiting period Inna fell on a bench and needed 5 stiches:(   
Inna with her friends at the orphanage in little bonnets!

International Children's Day at the orphange...a large celebration!

Inna ate a HUGE red cookie with her toy monkey that volunteers gave her.
Inna with Landon!  She loves Landon and looks at his picture every day:)

The morning before the long flight home.

Landon sportin' his Ukrainian gear for the flight back to the USA!

One of the only moments Inna was happy on the flight.  Todd said she cried 6 of the 8 hours on the long flight home...:(:(
When we got home some friends had planned a shower for us!  Thank you Jess, Deb, Nicole, and Leah!!  We are so blessed!

Todd and Inna stayed for the festivities! 

Our first mac and cheese experience...

...she didn't really like it too much!

Inna LOVES her new doctor kit.  Thanks Jody and Hershel!!

Inna likes Mama's shoes...and Daddy dressed her today since it was Father's Day.  Don't worry...she really is a Tiger fan!!:)

We watched Daddy play sand volleyball on Sunday night.

Playing in the sand at the volleyball courts!

Playing with Grayson with her doctor kit...she loves it!

We had our first outing to Kohls and Inna got her first pair of gym shoes and some jewelry.  Gotta love Kohl's Cash!
Inna used her doctor kit box as a bathtub...so cute!

Inna seemed to like the pool a little...

Cute little toes:)

Daddy splashing the water!

She loved the splashing!

Inna discovered the water on her feet would make footprints!  haha

Time for bathtime and bedtime!  What a fun day!:) 

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  1. Love, Love, Love !!!! I cant wait to see my new niece, she is the cutest doll ever. I think I am going to have to fight for her over Landon though - he talks or thinks about her every day. Counting down the days till our meeting in July !!!! Love you Inna