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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mama and Inna at home...alone...ALL DAY LONG!

Well, Daddy was off to work on Monday and boy have we missed him!  A set of extra hands has been so helpful with the cooking, cleaning, and playing...but it is giving Mama and Inna much needed time to bond.

Mama is used to running errands, meeting friends, starting household projects, and talking on the phone during the summer months, but life has certainly changed!  Now Mama makes meals, sings nursery rhymes, goes on walks, and gives a play-by-play of everything she is doing.  We are soaking in all the new surroundings that Inna sees, hears, and smells outside the orphanage walls. 

Things have gone amazingly smooth!  Thank you for all the prayers lifting up our family!!  Inna hasn't had any major break downs yet (unless you count bath time and car seats).  Bedtime is getting MUCH better and tonight we just had a break-through!!  Mama decided to sleep with Inna tonight to give Daddy a break and Inna just asked me to leave!  HA  I admit, I wiggle A LOT before I get settled and she must not have liked that because she said, "Mama...ah" and pointed to the door.  She did this about 4 times before I figured it out, "Mama...leave?"  Her response was...YES!  What?!  How awesome is this?!?!  Poor thing couldn't take all my wiggling and kicked me out:)  I hope this trend continues so I can see Todd at night!

Thank you for all the visitors, meals, phone calls, texts, emails, and Facebook messages.  You guys know me so well...I love being around people (and talking:) and I must admit, there have been some "lonely" moments and I can't wait to hold a conversation in English with my little girl!  Each day we make progress and I know I MUST begin a daily journal of all the new things she does each day.  She is verbalizing more and I see her pretend play and mimicking so many things we do each day.  Mama is also learning what Inna likes, her attention span, and signs of when she is tired. 

Today we had some really fun moments.  Mama was getting ready and Inna explored our closet.  She put on some high heels, necklaces, and bracelets and walked over to the mirror to admire herself.  She loved it!  Then she wanted some chap stick and more jewelry!  So funny...a little miss girly girl!  Then, she weighed herself on the scale...she just loves it!  I thought, "Oh honey, just wait, a scale isn't always a girl's best friend!"  ha  Anyway, I captured the moment on my phone and I can't wait to get her a box of dress-up clothes!:) 

Inna gets so excited to see her Daddy come home from work!  It's every Daddy's dream I'm sure.  She waves to the car once she knows it's him, then the wave becomes more frantic and purposeful (aka, crazy fast!).  Once the car turns off I let her run into his arms and she gives him hugs and kisses and her biggest smile!  Then, she immediately tells him it's time to eat:) 

Well, I could go on and on but this post is getting very long!  I hope to post pictures of her room and of her soon!!


  1. Love the updates! They let us know how to pray and thank God for ur new family :) can't wait to meet her!

  2. Amazing! I just couldn't be more happy for all of you! Dream come true...thank you sweet Jesus!