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Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's hard to say goodbye...

This little "baby" has been in my life since I met Todd over 5 years ago.  He is a spit-fire dog with tons of energy!  My Nana says he should be a circus dog because he's so fast and can jump very high!  He loves to cuddle, wrap himself in blankets, and follow his favorite person...me:)  He is a true love-bug and I will miss him so much!  Our favorite times together are at night.  He cuddles right next to me and keeps me warm at night.  Tonight and for many more nights, I'm going to miss my little Indy.  Dogs are such wonderful creatures and I'm so thankful God created them.  They love you no matter what and are faithful to the end.  We still have our big Obi who is our "gentle giant".  Inna has already taken his temperature, checked his heartbeat, and let him answer her phone.  She loves him and he is still curious about her:)

Indy, named after Henry Jones Jr. of the infamous Indiana Jones movies, has found a new home today.  His new owners already love him and he is playing with their female dog and loving all the attention.  They even called us to tell us how he was adjusting, which was so nice and compassionate.  Indy will be loved and treated well and he will even get to sleep on the bed (I'm glad because I know he loves that so much:)  

Indy has not adjusted well to our little Inna and we suspected this from the beginning.  He is a jealous little thing and we have been trying to find a home for him since December.  Indy was a rescue dog and you can see the scars of his abuse, which adds to his complex personality and dominant personality.  I love him so much but I know this is best for him and for our family.  Here are some pictures of my furry little friend.


  1. Aww, I did not know this was happening. Sounds like his new home is a good fit though. Lots of changes and decisions happening in your life. I'm praying for ya!

  2. (hugs) That is such a hard hard thing to do. Corbin was my baby Corey got me our first married Christmas together. I'm glad you were able to find him a wonderful home where he can be loved and spoiled! It will get easier with time and you'll be able to focus on your new very busy family :D

  3. Todd and Alicia,
    We are so glad to hear that your little girl is home with you! Following your blog is so wonderful and interesting to see how God has really worked in the both of you and to bring you to this place to bring little Inna home! We are sad we missed getting the chance to meet your newest edition to your family, but pray that your transition into a new life with Inna is beautiful as God has ordained it! Blessings to you from us with Christian love, Rob and Jen Friebel

  4. Alicia:
    Your personal email address isn't on this site & I wanted to ask you about another guest post on my blog. Can you email me at: morethanwomen@yahoo.com?
    Jen Quon