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Friday, June 10, 2011

First Day Run Down!

They're home!!!!  Everyone got to sleep after midnight and we slept well!  Todd and Inna slept until 10am and Mama read some books with Inna to start off the day.  I made some pancakes and bacon and Inna enjoyed her first meal at home!:) 
Then we played in her room for most of the morning and Inna went potty on the "big girl potty" every time today!  Then, Mama gave Inna a MUCH NEEDED bath and she cried all the way through the process.  We'll work on that some more! 
Lunch was Nana's homemade chicken noodle soup and Inna loved that as well!  Nap time did not go well...we think it was too bright so we have a solution in place for tomorrow.  We later took a walk to the pool and put our feet in the water...Inna liked it OK.  She then helped me make dinner of baked potatoes, salad, and Poppy's special meatloaf.  She ate a giant piece of mealoaf twith lots of ketchup!  We played some more then started the bedtime process an hour early.  She is SO tired but is fighting sleep.  Todd is very tired so he is laying down with her now. 
So far the dogs have been pretty good and Inna even petted Obi's giant paw!:)  We are all home as a family and so happy to have a weekend together before Todd goes back to work. 

No pictures because our camera is in Landon's bag who is now in JC back home with my sister:(:(  BUMMER!

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  1. Oh Alicia, this so warms my heart. I cannot even begin to express how happy I am for all of you. God is so good...so many blessings. Enjoy your time. I look forward to meeing Inna!