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Monday, April 18, 2011

Kyiv Part Two

We arrived in Kyiv this morning after the train ride, and fortunately we slept some!  We are in the same apartment we were in the first time, which is nice.  We are familiar with our surroundings and our coordinator got an even better price for us!  Praise God!

We basically sat around all day in our apartment waiting for Natalia to call us with news.  Todd worked a little and I slept a little more:)  We also decided to do some laundry in the washing machine and are hoping our jeans dry before we have to leave again.

Around 5pm Natalia called to meet for dinner.  We went to a nice place across from the SDA building and had a wonderful greek salad and crepes.  It's so nice to be with someone who speaks Ukrainian.

During our meeting we discussed our expectations and then realistic expectations.  I am beginning to understand much better now what to expect in terms of institutionalized children.  I also needed to hear her say that it was "OK" that we did not adopt Sasha and it doesn't make us "bad people".  I've been feeling very guilty about "leaving him there".  I am so thankful God gave me the strength, guidance, and understanding while we were in Kherson to make that decision.  Now I'm battling Satan's attacks of guilt.  Todd has been so awesome through all of this.  He is constantly and gently reminding me of why we did not adopt Sasha and that he was not the child God created for our family.  Between my naps and laundry, I've flooded my mind with God's Word today...I'm reading and rereading His promises so that I can get past these guilty feelings. 

As of now, we do not have an official appointment.  Natalia is going tomorrow morning to set up an appointment and she is very hopeful we will have one tomorrow afternoon.  There is a child she thinks will fit for our family.  He is a 3 year old little boy.  Please pray for this appointment and for this child.  We really need God's guidance and leading as we are here.  Thank you to everyone for your emails, facebook messages, and blog postings.  Please know that they are very special and uplifting to us!

I've attached some pictures from the past couple of days for your viewing pleasure:) 
This is the broom in our Kherson apartment.  We brought in lots of dirt from our walk and wanted to clean it up before leaving.

I'm sporting the cute "booties" we were asked to wear when entering the orphanage or hospital.  They are to prevent dirt and germs from entering into the facilities. 

We were a little bored on the train before going to sleep so we decided to play some cards.  Notice, they are Indiana Jones cards:)  hehe

For breakfast/lunch we had McDonald's.  I ordered a salad and these "veggie nuggets".  First of all the salad came with straight EVOO for dressing...yuck!  I just ate it plain.  The food in the picture is basically deep fried veggies.  Interesting to say the least:) ha 

Pretty shot of the city.  Today was much less crowded and the weather was perfect. 
Another shot of a city sight.  They are setting up scaffolding so we're hoping there will be a concert or event while we are here.
This is a giant, three-story mall behind Todd.  It's very nice.

I smiled...and this guy put a bird on my arm.  Well, I didn't want to be mean and ignore him.  Todd was not happy.  It's a nice shot...except, I hope it's the camera and not all this sitting, eating, sleeping, sitting, eating, sleeping that is adding to my waistline! 

I'm so mad I didn't give a play-by-play of this video.  This is an example of some Ukrainian dancing I guess.  Mom and Aaron, if you were here, you would have given them a run for their money! haha  I just laugh every time I think of this;)


  1. I know exactly where they were dancing. LOL. Near where Todd is standing in front of the mall, there is an ice skating rink when the weather is colder. We watched a giant pink heart skate around on Valentine's Day. Our apartments were all up the streets beside McDonalds, across from Independence Square. The first one was right behind it. Try the Potato House - it is good and so is the pizza place in the big mall in your photo. There is also a little Irish Pub between the Hyatt and McDonalds - not far from the Potato House. It was really good. If I find the name, I will pass it on. I wish the weather had been that nice when we were there.

  2. I want to see some of those dance moves when you return.;)

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated on your progress. We loved looking at the pictures. Michael & I will be praying for you and Todd (and the little guy) especially today. He was so happy to Skype with you yesterday (I think they all miss you like crazy).
    God bless.
    Jen Quon

  4. I LOVE IT!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! I can totally dance like that!