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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Here is a very "rough" home video of our apartment in Kherson.  Oh my, I forgot that when I turn the camera, you can't see the picture straight:)  Sorry!  There are more pictures of the city below!

Todd on his side of the train wagon.

Our very, very, very strong coffee with giant sugar cubes.  We thought they were complimentary...we will not purchase coffee on the the ride back to Kyiv.  Our coordinator's husband, Constantine, says American coffee is a joke:)

The first meal we've made other than sandwiches, eggs, and baked potatoes was spaghetti.  Here is the package of sauce. 

Todd added some sausage to the pasta.  It tasted like Spaghetti-O's!

This is at a park across the street from our apartment.  There are many parks and benches around Kherson. 

This looks like an artificial pond that they let go dry but we don't know.  So, we took a picture... 

This was a large park near the city center.  There were spinning teeter-totters, swings, jungle gyms, and this "hamster wheel".  The boys loved it!  Todd said we can't have them in America because someone would sue the city...that's the risk manager in him for ya!
We walked to a HUGE city market.  Streets and streets were lined with fresh produce, breads, toys, clothing, tools, shoes, nuts...pretty much anything you could think of.  Toilets, colorful toilet seats, bras, yep, everything!
Here is a giant display of plastic flowers.  I thought it was so strange to sell fake flowers...then I thought about it and this is like their Wal-Mart...and Wal-Mart has a huge aisle of fake flowers.
Here is a booth of toys.  The large, blue horse is like the one Sasha enjoyed riding.  There was a man blowing bubbles at this stand.
They even were selling dogs and cats at this market!  The street was lined with many play-pens with dogs, cats, and even gerbils.  I wonder if they all have their shots...
Here is a picture of the outside of our apartment in Kherson.  To the left is a courtyard area with a small park. 

Here is the door to our apartment.  Our first apartment was #21 and this one is #31.  I really, really, really don't like odd numbers....  At least this apartment number adds up to 4...unlike our first one...

Vladimir Lenin in front of a government building--the Ukrainian flag is waving above him but I didn't capture it in this photo.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!  My nephew is 14 today so we decided to buy a slice of cake in his honor (anything for something sweet!:)  Let me know if your birthday falls on a day we are in Ukraine.  I will gladly celebrate with a slice of Ukrainian cake:)  This is some kind of chocolate buttercream with nuts, cherries, and chocolate slivers.  Yum!

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