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Friday, April 29, 2011

Videos and her name!!

Here are some videos that finally loaded!  They look great when I watch them on the laptop, but they look SO grainy and distorted on the blog:( Sorry...I hope you can get a picture of  how our visits are going!!!

This is the first tower we saw "Bo Peep" build during the first or second full day with her.  Todd thinks she's going to be an architect!

Bo Peep eating a banana...she cracks me up!
Reading her favorite book together!
This is "Bo Peep" crying when they put her into our arms.  I hate to say it, but I laugh when I see her poor little self crying so much!  Today, she didn't cry at all when she came to us:)  Yeah!!!

You'll hear at the beginning of this video, but I have been notorious for "taking a video" then it never being on!  This is at the tailend of a game we were playing.  I was in a small playhouse and "Bo Peep" would find me by opening the shutters.  She LOVES this:)  I just wish you could see her face better...maybe soon I will learn how to push the record button!!

This was right after nap time and they gave  her this giant cookie as her snack with a warm cup of sour milk. 

As you can see, she had no trouble eating it along with her cup of milk!  She sure can eat:) 

Now that you know a little more about her personality, we have made the decision to change her name from "Bo Peep" to something else:)  We have decided to reveal Little Bo Peep's name next week NCAA tournament style!  We have attached a 64 name bracket below.  Everyone can fill out their brackets and wait for our posts each day that reveal the results.  The final two names will be Little Bo Peep's first and middle names.  We will reveal first round results Monday, 2nd round Tuesday, 3rd round Wednesday, 4th and 5th round Thursday, and the final four and champion on Friday!

The printable version:



  1. Loved seeing the videos of . . . .(wouldnt be very fair for me to play, lol) I want to kiss her sweet little face :-) I think it is soooo sweet that she looks to you for approval after she has done something. I bet you wish your visits with her would never end each day- soon you will be in your own home making your own memories. Hope we can talk again tomorrow - love you three, Aunt Robyn

  2. Looks like a regular day at the park to me...and I say that with all encouragement and sincerity! You look like you've been together and known each other all your lives! How wonderful! She's such a smart girl! One day soon you'll look back on life before you met your baby girl and it will all seem like a dream. I've been praying for and thinking about you three often. Hugs from Kansas!

  3. Congratulations! We are so happy that she's the one for you! Hopefully you will have court soon (and not be too delayed with the holidays)!

    Drew and Kara

  4. What a beautiful family! She is truly meant for you both. I agree with Liz, in a few short weeks you'll hardly remember your life before her. So happy for all 3 of you! God's timing is perfect once again, and before you know it, we'll all be having play-dates at the pool =)