What time is it in Ukraine?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Regret #1--Not bringing our good camera and only bringing our camcorder!  Grrrrr...video cameras weren't designed to take still shots, but you can kinda see what our world is like in airports and in Kyiv.  I apologize for them not being in order...we are running short on time and don't want to miss the train.  I've missed trains in both Ireland (well, a ferry) and in Poland!  ha

Alicia at KCI waiting for flight to be rescheduled.

Todd, Alicia, Marlene, and Mark at KCI.  Mark and Marlene gave us this cute little bear and a card before we left.

Todd and Alicia outside SDA office after telling Natalia about the two boys we would like to visit. 

Todd with "Flat Mrs. Bottorff" for my friend Ashlee and her 2nd grade class.  I have claws, red hair, and freckles, but I still resemble myself:)  She's sharing coffee with Todd in Germany!

This is a church next to the SDA office.  We don't know what it's called but it's pretty! 

Alicia outside the door of the adoption agency.  We were asked to wear a suit to our appointments and to our court date.   

This clock is on the hillside near a church in Kyiv.  So cool!

This picture was taken off a balcony in Kyiv.  So much traffic!

This was our kitchen in the apartment.  There was a very nice fridge, microwave, and stove.  There was not an oven but we didn't plan on doing much baking.  Todd made all our meals...lots of eggs, sandwiches, and potatoes. 

So, we ran out of toilet paper in our apartment.  We went to a nearby grocery store to add to our supply...it pays to speak Ukrainian so that you don't mistake TP for paper towels.  Oh well!

This is a very poor picture of our apartment bed in Kyiv.  It was a VERY nice place and the bed was huge!  The decor was Asian and very clean!


  1. Its midnight where you are, so I am sure you are either sleeping or trying to process in your head what happened today !! I am anxious to hear about your day and what your thoughts were about the two little ones you visited with. Love you both and hope everything is running smoothly, we are all thinking about you :-)

  2. Wow. I am so enjoying reading about this experience. So thankful to know God is there in your journey. He does give us the peace that passes all understanding.

  3. Hi guys, it was great to meet you! The church is St. Andrew's, we looked up its history yesterday :)

    Drew and Kara