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Friday, October 29, 2010

Encouragement from my beautiful friends and family!!

*  Even though Sam was not meant to be yours, he was meant to open your hearts fully to adoption and Ukraine.  So all your love and yearning for him was not for loss...it was for gain. 
I just really feel like God drew you deeper into His plan of adoption by making Sam's face so captivating to you even though he was not meant for your family..he was meant to start you on this journey, so he will always have a special place in  your heart and your future child's!

*  Thank you for allowing us to pray for you...I don't understand but I am trusting Him. 

*  Our God certainly is a GOOD and MIGHTY GOD and we're grateful to Him for miraculously making things happen. We will continue to pray for our little Ukrainian, his health and that everything will easily flow into place. He certainly doesn't know what great loving parents await him. We also ask for His hand in fund raising and that it will far exceed what we expect. Just so you know, even though we will never know him, we still pray for Sam and ask the Lord for his healing and that he will be adopted someday to a family that can meet his needs. God Bless Him.

*  God is still in control and even though we don't always understand the path He leads us down, we do know that He does not make mistakes.  No, you probably won't get Sam, but sometimes a set back is a set up for a great come back.  God always works it out so that there is no mistaken that His hand was in it.  God has this all worked out for you guys,

God always works it out so that there is no mistaken that his hand was in it. God has this all worked out for you guys, just keep trusting and believing.
Thanks for sharing you story
I'll be praying for you and your family

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