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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hard to hear news...

October 21...
Todd received an email regarding the health of Sam and that our coordinator needed to talk with us over the phone.  I was in parent-teacher conferences.  What we were about to hear changed our lives and broke our hearts...

Our coordinator explained that in his recent medical evaluation, Sam's mental capacity diminished greatly over the past year.  She told Todd he had "severe mental deficiencies" that were not present during his last evaluation.  Her suggestion was to not proceed with adopting Sam. 
I wanted and needed to hear this news for myself because part of me didn't believe it and I didn't want to give up on Sam. I spoke with her the next day and she confirmed his mental state.  She explained that we should live our lives knowing that he was being taken care of and that if we adopted him, our lives would never be the same due to the care we would have to provide. 

We knew this was a possibility, but the aching for Sam is so hard to endure.  We fell in love with this little boy, but we are going to listen to the advice of our caseworker and not continue with the adoption of our little man:(

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