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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainbow at the end of the storm...

October 22...
After hearing the news about Sam, I was angry, I felt stupid, and I was disappointed.  I was just so sad to know this little boy was not going to be a part of our family.  The next morning I completed one lesson in the Experiencing God Bible study entitled, "God Takes the Initiative".  I battled with the loss of Sam all night because this new news made us both question everything up to this point.  Did we make all of this up in our head?  Was God truly leading us toward adoption or was it just our own initiative?  How could we have been so off base? 
My prayer that morning was for encouragement and clarity.  I was reminded that God is a faithful, prayer answering God!  I also enjoyed learning about George Muller's method of joining God at work.  I "tested" my method against his and felt encouraged that we had proceeded according with God's will.  Adoption for us was not an easy decision...in fact, we fought it for a long time.  But each time we prayed and read scripture regarding this path, God led us closer to it. 

During our conversation with our caseworker, she mentioned another little boy they have in mind for our family.  He is younger and healthier, and we can continue on the same timeline as we were with Sam!  We are continuing to proceed with the adoption process in Ukraine!  Please continue to pray for our paperwork and home study.  Our first home study visit is scheduled for November 2!!!


  1. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am for the two of you. God is good and He will see you through all of this. What awesome parents you will make!

  2. Thank you Melissa! You're my first comment:) I'm new to this blog thang:) Have a great day and thank you for your support and encouragement!