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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Adoption Garage Sale Fund Raiser

Here are some before pictures of the garage sale.  Isn't my sister cute??:)  Thank you Adrian for making them...they look great and attracted many people!

Thank you Deb and Adrian for helping me organize...you did fabulous:)

Weeeeellllll, after a cold, rainy weekend, God truly reigns!  Despite the weather conditions, people came and were VERY generous!  My mother-in-law made chili dogs...thank you Marlene!  My mom made some home-made caramel corn to sell as well!  We heard many adoption stories and were encouraged throughout the weekend by our family and many friends.  Love you guys!  Thank you for all your support and prayers...we are now a step closer!  Here are some pictures from our weekend!:)
We STILL have 5 racks of QUALITY baby/toddler clothes if anyone is interested:)
Daddyo was our money keeper...doesn't he look official??
My girlfriend made these chocolate, covered Oreos to sell!  WOW!!  Thanks Kayci!:)

Here is my mom organizing some adoption bracelets on a tree!


  1. Yeah! Glad it went well even with the weather. My friend and I probably would be interested in looking at the clothes!

  2. Glad everything went well! I would probably be interested in looking at the clothes sometime. I wanted to stop by, but we were out of town.