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Saturday, July 9, 2011

First visit to meet the JC family and 4th of July!!

This is our first trip to Jefferson City to meet my family.  This included my parents (Mimi and Poppy), my grandmother (Nana), my sister and her family, (Robyn, Kurt, Jade, Austin, Landon, and Lexi), and my brother and his family (Aaron, Holly, and Diana).  Let's not forget all the animals:  5 dogs, 5 cats, and a fish in total!  Needless to say, it was a lot of people, places, and events to take in.  Inna did exceptionally well and we had a wonderful time!!

Meeting Mimi and Aunt Robyn (Obbie) for the first time!

Mimi gave her a giant cookie to welcome her!

I took Lexi to get a pedicure for her 10th birthday and Inna joined in on the fun!

Inna was fascinated with the massage chair:) 

Inna loves Aunt Obbie!

We spent the morning at my father's country club at the pool to celebrate Lexi's 10th birthday.  It was nice because not many people were there so it was like a private party!  My sister made a fabulous 2-decker cake (I don't have a picture!!:( and we had some yummy food!  It was a hot and perfect day for a pool party!

We had a swim party for Lexi's birthday.

Putting on sunscreen:)


2nd cookie of the day with cousin Lexi! 

Nana is a very important person in my life.  I spent many weekends with Nana when I was little and she taught me many things like how to roller skate, the Lord's prayer, and how to cut vegetables for soup!  I was excited for her to meet Inna and am so glad she is healthy and strong to teach Inna new things!!
Inna LOVED Nana's house...she had so many fun things!

Nana helped Inna put all her stuffed giraffes in the dog bed.
Now Inna's in the dog bed...good thing Nana's dog doesn't shed! 

Awwwww!  So sweet:)
Todd replaced Nana's garbage disposal and Inna just had to take a look.  Can I say, "Daddy's girl"??  I love it!

In downtown Jefferson City the streets are lined with streets vendors, carnival games, and craft tables.  They have music and entertainment on the capitol lawn and on some streets.  We decided to introduce Inna to the JC excitement with a carousel ride, a funnel cake, and music.  We had a great time and she loved every minute!

Independence Day eve uptown in Jefferson City!

Pretty capitol building


Listening to music on the capitol lawn

Proud to be an American!

Our first carousel ride.  Inna was on a horse and Lexi was on a crazy looking monkey!

All American girl!

We had a BBQ at Kurt and Robyn's house on the 4th.  It was a great time for the kids to play together...which let Mommy and Daddy enjoy at the sideline.  It was awesome!!

Inna and Lexi...two water babies!

Cousin Diana playing with Inna:)

Todd brought in the water balloons and the real fun began:)

Todd, Landon, and Austin

Kurt grilling the bratwurst and burgers...yum!

Our neighbor's were so kind to take care of Obi while we were gone and they left a wonderful care package for Inna!  We are so blessed in so many ways! 

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  1. As usual, holding back tears through all the posts I had to catch up on! So happy to see her meeting and bonding with your family (especially) and friends! She is absolutely precious! Can't get enough of her in that little swimsuit...ahh, so cute! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon! Love to you!