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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another blessing for the Bottorff family!

Over the past 5 years Todd and I have had many adventures together!  Our story really has been a fairy tale since the beginning.  We clicked right away, wanted the same things in life, and shared the same goals for our future and family.  I always loved Cinderella and everyone would agree that he is my "prince charming".  We compliment each other well in many ways and enjoyed our married life with many fun trips, events with friends, and holidays. 

In December Todd and I will celebrate 5 years of married life together.  If you've been following this blog, you will know that a large hardship has been infertility.  Since Inna, we haven't really thought much about having biological children because we feel like she is and has been our baby forever!  She is a perfect fit into our family for so many reasons.  If you've met her, you would understand:) 

Well, God has once again shown His amazing grace and power to us in our lives and He has blessed us with a pregnancy!  We found out while in Ukraine and are now 16 weeks pregnant...CRAZY sweetness:) 

It has been so much fun telling our family and friends this incredible and a little scary news!  Below are some ways we told people about our growing family!!

When Todd and I came home early from Ukraine our family was less than thrilled.  To help explain why, we showed them this picture with the caption:

Trip to Ukraine: $30,000
Dinner at an expensive restaurant:  $100
Shoes for Inna:  $10
Knowing there are 4 people in this picture:  PRICELESS!!

Once they read and understood our announcement, the shouts, tears, and hugs came full force!  It was pure joy!

This picture was taken at my shower with my friends from Lenexa Baptist Church.  This was the first big event we attended where Inna was the center of attention.  Todd took her for a "wardrobe change" and she came out wearing her "Big Sister" shirt to announce we were having a baby:) 

We had a "Meet and Greet" with my 2010-2011 4th grade class.  What a fun time it was!!!  All my families were so supportive throughout this process and they were very excited to meet little Inna.  Of course, it was fun to tell them I was also having a little baby in January:):)  I loved the kid comments--"So, you're having a baby in your tummy too?"  Love it!

This is my Longview Farm family.  These men and women have supported me through a lot of tears and unexpected turns of events over the past two years!  This picture was taken right after I announced I was pregnant while taking a photo.  Instead of saying "cheese" to smile, I shouted, "I'm pregnant"!  What an awesome picture to capture so much great emotion:):)

Princess Inna is going to be a big sister in January!!  AHHHHHH:)

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